Get to Know What the AMH Hormone Test is

AMH hormone test is an examination procedure carried out to measure AMH (anti-mullerian hormone) levels in the body. In measuring the levels of hormones produced by these reproductive organs, the doctor will take a sample of the patient's blood. In men, the AMH hormone produced by the testes from infancy to puberty is quite high, then gradually decreases after puberty. Whereas in women, AMH hormones produced by the ovaries from infancy to before puberty, only a little. New hormone levels increase after women enter puberty, and will decrease after menopause. Indications for AMH Hormone Test AMH hormone tests are often performed for the purposes of in vitro fertilization (IVF). AMH hormone tests are generally carried out in a series of IVF processes to see the ovarian reserve of the expectant mother. Ovarian reserves are tested to determine the possibility of the success of the IVF program to be undertaken. Through ovarian reserve tests, the quantity and quality of egg reserves
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